“But how do I find your music?”

You can find music by Voigtstr on most music platforms.

Eg on Spotify, click the magnifying glass and type in voigtstr and a link to my artist page will be returned. Click that and you’ll see my popular tracks and below that a discography which is everything published to date.

Similar with Youtube, Tidal, Apple Music etc.

I still think about landscapes on Mars. I also imagine liminal spaces, and imagine music that complements those spaces and transitions.

There are now two tracks not inspired by Mars

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On January 9, 2021 I published Northern Fields Teaser to YouTube. It was inspired by a specific landscape in the North of Tasmania. I do intend fleshing out the idea of this track over time so it will be a better fit on an album.

On September 2, 2022 I published another track inspired by a landscape, Southern Fields 1. It was inspired by a landscape in the South of Tasmania. Have a listen. What do you think?